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International Sites

 Golf Web - all about the PGA Golf Tour

 International Golf Outlet - great place to buy golf equipment on line, also have second hand sets

 The Golf Warehouse - another great place to buy golf equipment

 The Golf Smith - a great place to buy golf equipments

 Tiger Woods - the number one golf player in the world

 MP3 - for those MP3 fanatics - plenty of downloads

 Yahoo Asia Shopping Guide - for those of you crazy about shopping on-line, links to many asian sites

 Manchester United Football Club - my favourite football club, you can shop there too….

 Internic - you can check domain names, and register your own

 Golf Zones - another place to buy golf sets, they have auctions too

 TUCOWS - plenty of great softwares - sharewares and freewares - there's even a local server

 NONAGS - another great place for sharewares and freewares

 ESCALIX - another place for MP3 fanatics

 RI Soft Systems - a good place to but excellent screen savers, some free ones as well

 E-Bay - the number one auction site on the internet

 Galore - you can get free e-mail here - you can register your domain name for US$35 per year

 Bloomberg - a good source for financial information

 Real Networks - the place to go if you want a good MP3 player

 Women - for all the women out there

 Worldly Investor - for those who's got plenty of money to throw

 Boom - Hong Kong's first internet stockbroker, its in Chinese though

 Fortune 500 - want to see if you are listed as one of the richest men in the world?

 Asiaweek - the online version of the magazine

 Singapore Business Times - the online version

 Blue Mountain Arts - want to send free greeting cards?

 Network Solutions - another place to register domain names, but more expensive, US$119 for 2 years


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