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Current Projects

Trying to improve my golf and reduce my handicap from 16 to single (watch out ATK, Rudi and Ungku!!!).

Some of my golfing buddies (click on icon):

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\formis-1998-icon.jpgKLSE-Formis Tournament 1998, Palm Garden Golf Resort

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\formis-1999-icon.jpgKLSE-Formis Tournament 1999, Tropicana Golf Resort

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\KLSE-SET-96-icon.jpgKLSE-SET Tournament 1996, Penang Golf Resort, Bertam

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\bosnia-icon.JPGBosnia Fund Tournament 1999, Serendah Golf Links

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\SC-1999-icon.JPGSecurities Commission Tournament 1999, KLGCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\FPLC-2000-icon.jpgKLSE-FPLC Tournament 2000, KLGCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\formis-2000-icon.jpgKLSE-Formis Tournament 2000, A' Formosa Golf Resort, Malacca

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\klgcc-medal-icon.jpgKLGCC Monthly Medal - May 2000

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\ABN-Amro-2001-icon.jpgABN-Amro Tournament 2001, East Course, KLGCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\klse-formis-2001-icon.jpgKLSE-Formis Tournament 2001, Valley Course, Glenmarie GCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\klse-fplc-2001-icon.jpgKLSE-FPLC Tournament 2001, Palm Garden GCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\KLSE-Judiciary-2002-icon.jpgKLSE-Judiciary Friendly Tournament 2002, Staffield GCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\KLSE-AllianceGroup-2003-icon.jpgKLSE-Alliance Bank Group Friendly Tournament 2003, Saujana GCC

Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\Formis-2003-icon.jpgKLSE-Formis Tournament 2003, Sungai Long GCC

Description: ASCM-2003-KLGCC-iconKLSE-ASCM Tournament 2003, KLGCC

Description: KLSE-Judiciary-2003-iconKLSE-Judiciary Tournament 2003, Bangi Golf & Country Resort

Description: ASCM-2004-Bangi-iconBursa Malaysia-ASCM Tournament 2004, Bangi GCC

Description: Formis2005-iconBursa Malaysia-Formis Tournament 2005, KLGCC

Description: Formis2005-2-icon

Description: Formis2005-3-icon

Description: POC2005-iconBursa Malaysia POC 2005, KLGCC

Description: Bursa-SET-2005-iconBursa Malaysia-Stock Exchange of Thailand Annual Meet 2005, Saujana Golf & Country Resort

Description: MSC-Nov07-2a-iconMSC Shared Services and Outsourcing Companies Networking Golf 2007, Kota Kemuning Golf Resort

Description: MSC-Nov07a-icon

PIKOM Charity Tournament 2011, Glenmarie Golf & Country Resort


The Association of Merchant Banks in Malaysia (AMBM) Series

Description: AMBM-2002-1-icon 2002 – Kajang Hill Golf Resort

Description: AMBM-2003-1-icon 2003 – Glenmarie Golf & Country Resort

Description: AMBM-2004-1-icon 2004 – Mines Golf Resort


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Biographical Information

My autobiography is still in the works. I am trying to get Andrew Morton (the guy who did the late Princess (I am not bulimic) Diana's biography to write. Failing that I will have to get the guy who wrote "50 Dalil ."

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 I studied at the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, England. What did I study? Hmmmm……let me try to refresh my memory. I think it has something to do with taking care of money. That must be it, otherwise why would I be employed by my employer.

Warwick University is probably the best run university in England, with some of the best facilities. It has the biggest Arts Centre in the country.




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This is where I lived in the first year when I was at Warwick, the Whitefields Residence, with 11 other nutcases. The design is based on a Scandinavian prison (I supposed they need that to cope with us). On its left is the Student Union Building (not in the picture), where all the madness happened.






Description: D:\fathi-ridzuan dot com\Image69.gif This is where I live now. It is somewhere in KL.

Can you see me on my balcony?

No??? Use binoculars.

Still can't see me?

You better see an optician fast!!!



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Personal Interests

GOLF, GOLF, GOLF and GOLF and watching Alley (I am not aneroxic!!) McBeal.

Other interests

Watching Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien (the most disgusting jokes you can hear on TV)

Being moody and temperamental

Collecting Versace ties and Burberry polo shirts

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