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As my fellow members of KLGCC would attest, KLGCC is probably has the best golf course in the country at the moment. How long that is going to last is anybody’s guess.

The club started very well indeed, but that did not last long. If Sime Darby had not had the foresight to make the changes that we saw in the last few years, I am quite sure many members would have sold their memberships.

Yet, despite the club now charging RM250,000 for membership and the excellent facilities, it still lack class!!

How many times have you been at the first tee-box to only find the flight that was supposed to tee-off earlier still there, with the flight members still chatting away or waiting for the flight in front to clear.

I know it is written somewhere that you have to be at the tee-box 10 minutes before your tee-off time, and I try as much as possible to follow this diligently. The club has done quite well in spacing out the flight every ten minutes to reduce delay and slow play, yet we still find people rushing to the tee-box after their tee-off times, and the starters most of the time are too polite to tell this people off, as they are probably some Datuks, Tan Sris and what nots in the flights. Just like the rest of the country, rules are there but implementation is not!!!

I find this completely annoying, especially when I compare it to the other prestigious club, The Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC). I am not a member there as I am not born into royalty, or am a minister and my late dad was just a humble school teacher. I don’t begrudge the members. In fact it amazes me that despite practically every member being a VIP, they follow the rules strictly. I once had the fortune of playing with a former minister and ambassador, and after the first nine we stopped at the club house. After a few minutes the former minister told us to get ready to go the second nine as our names have just appeared on the TV display board above. And I thought, what discipline!!!! And the club apparently threw out another former minister (who of course decided to join KLGCC after that), because he threw his weight around!!!

I decided to write this because today (on Deepavali Day!!!), I had the misfortune of having to wait at the drink hut at the second nine for more than thirty minutes because the Deputy Prime Minister decided to play golf and took 2 flights at the last minute. Well, that’s what the starter told me!! Even if he did book his flights (is he even a member???), why delay everyone else??? And who the hell does he thinks he is cutting in in front of other flights. As any golfer would know, only the club captain has the privilege and authority to cut in in front of other flights, and I have never seen that done by the current club captain.

Now I have nothing against politicians, royalties or other immortals playing golf at KLGCC. In fact I have played behind the Prime Minister and some other royalties a number of times there, and I never had to wait more than 10 minutes!!! In fact from what I was told by the staff most of the time these immortals do book their flights, and do turn up on time. Must be their training by RSGC!!! So what is the problem with this guy???? If he cannot follow simple rules and etiquettes of the golf club, don’t expect to run the bloody country!!! No class, that what it is!!!

I was already in a bad mood today, as for the first time on a public holiday, I could not find parking inside the club!!! And have you seen how big the parking lots are in the club. I know a lot of you drive big cars, even I do (well, biggish), but you can practically jump out of the car without hitting the next car. What gives??? And since there are probably more Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches (not mine I assure you) parked there than anywhere else in the country, why on earth do you need such big lots??? I haven’t seen any Hummers!!! And the Rolls Royces that I see only belong to the royalties and they are parked under the porch!!

So my fellow members, please follow the rules (I know most of you do), irrespective of how many titles you have, and complain at the next AGM about the tyrants that are hijacking the club from us mortals!!!

By the way, I have written to the club general manager on the incident.

Four “Kurang Ajar” Bumiputra Members of the KLGCC – 6th December 2011

Today I had the most unpleasant experience with four Bumiputra members of our esteemed club.

I had booked a flight to tee-off at 8.40 with Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin, Fahizul (the Bosnian) Khairi, and a client.

As usual, I am always at the tee-box (the 10th tee of the West Course) ten minutes before tee-off time.

We teed off and we reached the 18th green (our ninth hole in 2 hours), and while we were putting one of the flight members from the flight behind us hit his ball and hit the lamp post near the green. If he had hit it straight, he would have definitely landed on the green. They did shout “ball”, but we were putting!!! We finished the nine holes in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Slow?? By my standard, yes, but by the rule, no!

I wanted to wait for them and tell them off, but was restrained by Datuk Mohaiyani and Fahizul.

We went to the 1st hole drink hut and decided to have a  drink. They came and looked at us in a disdain manner, no apologies, nothing. We decided to let them over take us, and heard a meek “Thank you”. Did they ask to overtake, NO!!!

We restarted the second nine at 11.30 as there were no flights anymore behind us, and finished at 1.35 (2 hours and 5 minutes). Slow??? Yes, by my standard, but NO by the rule!

The four golfers were:

Arif Faiz Joitin – A9816P

Dr Sulaiman – S9798P

Mustafa M. Tahir - F9990S – this one obviously don’t have any balls as he is only a supplementary card holder and hiding under the baju kurung of his wife

Nur Jazman – N9010P

I had a client in my flight who hardly play there, and a lady, Datuk Mohaiyani. As I said by my standard it was slow, as I have done 18 holes in less than 3 hours. But by the rule, we are supposed to finish each nine in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

There is no excuse for hitting the balls while the flight in front is still on the green.

I have encountered many flights much much slower than this, and not once have I or my flight mates hit our balls when the flight in front is still on the green or within range. Simple etiquette!! We may fume, we may shout, but we never hit the balls.

I am honestly sick of members who have no etiquette, and this is simply unforgiveable.

Is it too much for members to be at the tee-box 10 minutes before tee-off time?

Is it too much for members to ask the caddies to rake the bunkers?

Is it too much for members to ask the caddies to repair the pitch marks on the greens?

Is it too much for members to say sorry for hitting the balls while the flight in front is within range?

I have put in an official complaint. I would not have lodged an official complaint if they had apologized.

So if any of you know any of these four members, please tell them in Malay, “Tolong sedar diri sikit!”.

We have enough Bumiputra politicians embarrassing the rest of us Bumiputras in this country. We don’t need anymore, especially on the golf course.

After my anger has subsided, I feel pity for the children and wives of these four, because they have such people as their husbands and fathers!

Thank You Mr Bird – 22nd December 2011

After receiving many letters of complaints and suggestions from me, today, the General Manager of KLGCC, sent two lovely ladies to meet me to discuss my issues.

I told them that I am not unhappy with the facilities at the club. In fact I am very proud of them. What gets my blood boiling is the attitude of the members!

Some of these members are also members of the Royal Selangor Golf Club, and over there irrespective of who you are, you follow the rules!

You follow your tee off time strictly, you make sure the caddies rake the bunkers and repair the divot, and you don’t hit balls onto the green when someone is putting.

Why is it that they can follow the rules at RSGC and not at KLGCC? Simple, because they are never punished at KLGCC!

That’s why even though they can afford to drive Ferraris, Porsches, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis, but yet cannot afford to have good manners!

But I am very happy that the club is making efforts to make sure that bad behaviours will not be tolerated in the future and punishments will be meted to the offending parties.

They could not proceed with the disciplinary hearing on the four idiots because I could not specifically identify the offending party, and the other three refused to identify their “friend”.

I am fine with that. I know it is pointless for me to continue pursuing this. I have made my points, and the club has got them and will do something.

So, thank you Mr Bird!



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