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As with most Malaysian football fans, I have no interest whatsoever in the local league. Despite a fairly colourful history, and a few great players in the past whom I had the fortune of watching “live” when my late dad used to take me to watch the football matches held at the Perak Stadium, somehow nothing beats watching the EPL, and I have followed the EPL since I was eight (that’s close to 40 years). Even though I did not have many opportunities to watch the games live when I was living in England for more than 5 years (as I was scared shitless of the many skinheads that you find at these matches), every Saturday I was glued to the TV watching the actions.

No doubt the EPL has definitely changed in the last 20 years, especially since the “Bosman ruling” in 1995. Most of the teams in the EPL only have a handful of English players, and teams like Arsenal sometimes play without any. And look at my beloved club, Manchester United, managed by a Scotsman, the attacking force is a combination of a Scouser (Liverpudlian in the form of Wayne “the Shrek” Rooney), Mexican (Chicarito), Bulgarian (Berbatov), Mancurian (Wellbeck), the wings marshaled by a Portugese (Nani), an Ecuadorian (Valencia), a Welshman (Giggs), a South Korean (Park Ji Sung), the midfield a combination of a Brazilian (Anderson), a Scotsman (Fetcher), two Englishmen (Carrick and Cleverley), and a defence team of a Frenchman (Evra), a Serbian (Vidic), an Englishman (Ferdinand) and the twins from Brazil (Fabio and Rafael de Silva). And who is in the goal, a Spanish (de Gea) and a Danish (Lindergard). In other words, the English are the minority in the English Premier League!!!

Imagine what it’s like in the dressing room before the game. A Scotsman trying to give instructions to a bunch of people whose mother tongue is not English. And have you heard a Scotsman speak? I had the misfortune of having to share a seat with a Scotsman once on a train for 2 hours. The guy just would not stop blabbering away. Now it could have been the combination of the Guinness and the hashish (which we did share, OOOPs!!!), but I have to say until today I have no idea what he was talking about!!! Something to do with his grandfather having served the British army in Malaya. (You see many of them still refer to Malaysia as Malaya those days, even though this is sometime in the mid 80’s). Back to the dressing room, it must be one hell of a confusion. Here you have a Scotsman in his Scottish accented English talking to a bunch of bewildered non-English speaking players. Even the Englishmen in the team have a hard time understanding him, I am sure!!!

Anyway, I love MU (as we fans call them), from the days of Bobby Charlton, George Best, Dennis Law, Norman Whiteside, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, and even Beckham (though I can’t stand the idiot and his transvestite looking “wannabe” singer wife!). So it must have come as a shock to see them dismantled like Lego bricks last Sunday by (of all the team) Manchester City!!! Now the last time MU lost as big as that was in 1927 when they lost 7-1 to Newcastle. But I wasn’t even born then. Even my late father wasn’t born then!!! Watching the game, I did not know whether to cry or laugh!!! Now, when people talk about the EPL, and Manchester, nobody ever mention City (especially in this part of the world). So what if Manchester City was founded in 1894, eight years before Manchester United in 1902, how many times have they become the champion in the league??? Twice!!! That’s how many!!!

So is this a sign that the football capital of Manchester is now going to move to the East and “blue side” of Manchester??? I don’t think so, and I am not saying this because I am a long-time supporter of MU. Here’s why.

Yes, money can definitely buy success. It was only a few years ago, when a Russian oil magnate bought a club in London called Chelsea (isn’t that Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend???) and turned it into a winning side (though they have failed miserably in Europe!!!). He threw an obscene amount of money and started buying players like there’s no tomorrow. And they did win the league, and Sir Alex Ferguson scratching his head!! Now, you see, Scotsmen are like Penangite, “kedekut” like crazy!!! Though MU is not exactly a club without money, but to a Scotsman, that kind of spending is just crazy, and he stood by his method of building a young homegrown team. And look where he took MU, a record 19th league title last season (sorry Liverpool fans!!!). To me that’s what I called good management. If you are to draw an analogy, City is a little bit like Khazanah, employ so called young Ivy-League professionals with obscene salaries, and fuck up the GLC’s. You can’t beat experience!!!!

So, let’s just wait for a few years, and see how the wily fellow capricornian, Sir Alex Ferguson, respond to all the money that City has splashed around. We capricornian are very ambitious, and do not take defeat likely!!! Just like another fellow capricornian (who is currently in the dump), Tiger Woods, we will rise like the phoenix!!! As much as I know that MU will win the league again (if not this year, next year), Tiger Woods will beat Jack Nicklaus record (if he can keep his dick in the pants!!!).

 So to the supporters of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and City, do not laugh yet, not until Sir Alex has retired at least!!!

Tribute to MU

As the great Eric Cantona said, “When the seagulls follow the trailer, it is because they think fish is going to be thrown into the sea”. Huhhhhh!!!!” Go figure that out.

Glory, glory Man United!!!!!

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Carlos Tevez (the barmy Argy) – 29th October 2011

So Manchester City has finally discovered why Sir Alex Ferguson decided not to keep the crazy Argentinian at Manchester United. Serve them right!!!

It took an Italian (another man from a crazy country) to find that out. Well, it takes one to know one, ain’t it??

I have no doubt the guy had a good work rate, and definitely looks more lively during matches than the Bulgarian Berbatov. In fact I was hoping that Sir Alex had kicked the guy out too, but he (Berbatov) has proven many times that despite his languid mannerism, the guy is quick as a fox. In fact statistics even showed that he covered more ground during games than most players. That shows just how deceiving the guy can be. But if one were to expect earlier, who would be the first to refuse to play (refused to warm up, as Tevez claimed!!!), one would expect it to be Berbatov, especially with his sulking look. But the Bulgarian never complained despite now being 4th in the pecking order. Instead he worked harder during practices, and proved he hasn’t lost his instinct last week during the League Cup game away at Aldershot (where????).

So they fined him £800,000 (that’s a cool RM4 million), more than most CEOs make in a year. But the Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA) deemed it excessive and cut it to £400,000 (that’s a cool RM2 million and still more than what most CEOs earn in a year). This guy gets paid £200,000 a week (that’s a cool RM1 million), A WEEK!!!And what did he do, moaned about having to miss his family who decided to stay put in Argentina, moaned about the lousy Manchester weather, and refused to learn English!!! Tell him 3 million Indonesians leave their families to earn a measly RM600 as slaves (oops sorry maids and construction workers) in Malaysia. Sure they can always take the “sampan” to get home, but what about the many migrant workers from the Philippines who go to work in the middle-east for a bit more money to only get molested and then murdered by the barbaric and horny Arabs!!! With £200,000 a week, he can afford to fly home every night on first class!! IMBECILE!!!

And the barmy Argy has the gall to want to sue Manchester City. This is a guy who came from the slum of Buenos Aires, and football gave him millions!!! This is what the Malay calls, “Kacang lupakan kulit”, or literally translated into English as “The peanut forgetting its pod”, meaning someone who has forgotten his roots!! By the way peanut is a legume, not a fruit or vegetable (to the philistine amongst you)

If I am Signor Roberto Mancini (the Man City manager), I would let him rot until you can see the bones jutting out from his legs before selling him for £1 to the Corinthians (the richest football club in Brazil) who had wanted to purchase him for £40 million (that’s a cool RM200 million) earlier.

Let’s face it, the guy has got no class, and probably have a good three to five years left of top league football. And what’s £40 million to the sheikh who owns Manchester City, just a drop of oil in the barrel!!!

And with Balotelli (another crazy Italian), and Aguerro (another barmy Argy) on top of their games, and Silva in such sublime form (I can’t believe I am drooling over the performance of players from Manchester City!!!!), why bother with Tevez.

So Signor Mancini, LET HIM ROT!!!!!

Look, he’s trying to eat Patrice Evra, his former team mate at MU.







And now he wants to eat the ball!!!!





Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson (4th November 2011)

How to be a Good Manager

Twenty five years as the manager of Manchester United and 27 major titles! What can you say about my fellow capricorn. I don’t think there’s any word to describe him. I can only call him “Manager Extraordinaire”. Everyone who is not an MU fan hates him, but let’s face it, the world just love to hate the successful ones. It is in our genes unfortunately! Not me (he he!!)

Everyone can call me biased, as I am a true fan of MU and Fergie, but look at it objectively. No other manager has ever achieved what he has achieved, and still hungry for more!! He is going to be 70 at the end of the year, and he is still not slowing down, neither does he seem slower. He set a target (to knock Liverpool off their perch) and he did it with no mercy!!! Just ask David “my wife looks like a transvestite” Beckham, Eric “the philosopher” Cantona, Roy “the brutish” Keane, Wayne “Shrek” Rooney and many more that have gone through the turnstiles at The Theatre of Dreams. He is not only good at harnessing talents, but he also knows how to control them, and at the same time let them shine. That’s what good managers are, which is rare nowadays!!!

People like Fergie is one in a million, just like Steve Jobs, just like Einstein. In fact Sir Bobby Charlton, that genius of a footballer, called Fergie, a genius. Only a genius knows who a genius is! Good managers are just rare, not only in football but in any organization!!! Most managers know how to manage their tasks well, but most of the time they are bad at managing their people, their bosses, their customers and sometimes even their families! Most managers don’t even know the meaning of the word “manager”!!! And companies don’t spend enough to train managers to be real managers. Believe me I have worked with lots of smart people, including Ivy league ones, and yet despite their very high IQ’s, have low EQ’s. I wonder why a lot of companies nowadays are run by these guys??? Very smart but lousy managers and leaders!!! Anyone you know???

Yes, managing people is not easy, believe me. I have gone through it many years, and have seen how clever people can become real assholes if you don’t manage them well. And I try my best to harness the talents that sometimes I inherited, but thankfully I have, in most situations, manage them well. As Forest Gump said, “You never know what you are going to get in a box of chocolate”. The box looks nice, and the chocolate coatings look nice, but you only know how good it is when you put it into your mouth. Fergie didn’t inherit that many, but those he did he made them better. Those that he bought, he made them better too. Cristiano Ronaldo would not be worth £80 million (that’s a cool RM400 million!!! I can buy a decent listed company with that!!!), if not for Fergie. He was just a naughty kid from Portugal with very cheeky look (ok la, handsome to the women out there!!!) and good footwork. He was also fond of diving (not the in the water kind!!!). Someone once said that if they award an Oscar for diving in football games, he would have won it!!! And Ferguson took him under his rein, and turned him into one hell of a winger. Who ever heard of a winger being the top scorer in the English Premier League?! That’s management! Being able to polish an unpolished diamond and turn it into sparkling diamond that every woman wants!!! And then sell it for USD25 million to some politician’s wife who had saved the money during her schooldays!! Not coming up with a program with weird acronym like LTCRHPFW (Let’s Turn Cristiano Ronaldo into Highest Paid Footbaler in the World), like some long acronym the Education Ministry has come up with that nobody seems to know what it means!!!

So to Fergie, “You Are The Man” and I salute you for your achievements. And to Liverpool fans, dream on, even though you also have a Scotsman (like Fergie) as a manager now!!!!

Some of the quotes by players on Sir Alex:

Wayne Rooney -             “Ferguson is the master motivator. Some of his team talk…you walk out on the pitch and you say to each other “How good was that?””

Ryan Giggs     -       “He just loves his job. He loves seeing players develop.”

Bryan Robson        -       “The secret of Ferguson’s success has been to master the art of renewal.”

Steve Bruce   -       “He’s the best there’s ever been.”

England move into strip club for Euro campaign (9th November 2011)

Trust the English team to get into another controversy even before the tournament, Euro 2012, begins.

Not only they have a captain John (I love screwing my best friend’s wife) Terry, embroiled in another controversy, though this time it did not involve the wife of a friend, but a racial one, now the team has decided to choose a strip club as their base camp for Euro 2012.

Aren’t they asking for trouble? You already have the horniest bunch of 20 English football players, managed by an Italian (whose Prime Minister is fond of orgies with young women!), and now you choose a strip club as your base!!! Smart move English Football Association!!!

Signor Fabello, are you planning to have “bunga, bunga” parties as part of your daily training? For those who are uninitiated in the Italian sexual scenes (not that I am, I swear!!), “bunga, bunga” parties are basically orgies!!! And the embattled Italian Prime Minister, Signor Silvio Berlusconi, has been known to hold many of these parties. The 75 year old Prime Minister has an extremely healthy sexual appetite, and the biggest Mafioso in Italy. Not only he has extensive businesses, (his net worth is USD9 billion!) he also owns the AC Milan football club.

So what is the English football team trying to achieve this time? To finally win the European Cup?? I don’t think so!!! I have to say that whilst the English team probably has the best talents in one team, outside of Spain, they somehow just cannot get it together when all these talents are put in a team.

Managers after managers have come and go, from English, Swedish and now Italian stocks. None have managed to get these guys to play well together. Why? Probably because these guys are terrible managers!!! Football teams are just like any companies. If you cannot manage your talents well, you will never get the best from them. In the end, you will never reach your potential!!

So, to the English FA, if I were you, these are the guys that I will put at the top my list to manage the English Football Team.

1.  Sir Alex Ferguson

2.  Josep Guardiola (Manager of Barcelona)

3.  Jose (the special one) Mourinho (Manager of Real Madrid)

4.  Roberto (manager of the noisy neigbours) Mancini (Manager of Manchester City)

5.  Harry Redknapp (Manager of Totenham Hotspurs)

Unfortunately, there is only one Englishman there, but then the English FA is not prejudiced towards foreign managers. However looking at the list, it is very unlikely that the first four gentlemen would be seen dead managing England. As for Harry, his heart might not be able to take it, now that he has already undergone one heart “by-pass” operation.

So it looks like the English is not going to win anything soon!

Blatter under fire (18th November 2011)

I know that this has nothing to do with the EPL, but his comments on racism had a lot to do with the EPL.

It looks like Herr Blatter has shot his mouth again before understanding what the issue really is. Perhaps senility has set in, after turning 75 last March or he is just clueless to what is happening on the football pitches around the world.

No racism in football? Sounds like just when he said there’s no crisis in FIFA after the bribery scandal during the selection of World Cup hosts for 2018 and 2022!

This guy is synonymous with controversies. In fact, even Wikipedia listed 9 issues that had plagued him since he got elected President of FIFA in 1998. The racism issue I am sure will be listed as the 10th controversy in his tenure.

Herr Blatter, racism not only exists on the terraces of football stadiums but also on the pitch! Just go to any Italian “Serie A League” football matches or the “La Liga” Spanish league. Why do you think the crazy Italian, Mario Ballotelli ran to Manchester City to ply his trade? Why do you think the English FA launched the “Kick Racism Out of Football” campaign or why did Nike launch the “Stand Up, Speak Up” anti-racism campaign in 2005? Just for the fun of it, or maybe to conform to Nike’s tagline, “Just do it”?

“Du blöder Idiot!” That means “You stupid idiot!” in German. Next time just shut up when you have nothing good to say! Or better still, let someone else run FIFA!

Manchester United 2, Benfica 2 – 23rd November 2011

Yup, a disappointing result. What can I say? Man U just loves to make things difficult. Time after time we see the team struggled, only to end up doing well at the end of the football season. The game, as reported by The Star On-Line, can only be described as sloppy. MU was down in the 6th minute by an own goal by Phil Jones. And the young lad was not even under pressure from any of the Benfica’s player!

I have to say, since joining the ranks of the seniors, Phil Jones has impressed me with his maturity despite being only 19 years of age. The Preston born lad, has not only impressed at MU, but also performed well for England’s under-21 team at the European Junior Championship.

But as with any young player, he is bound to make a mistake or two. It is part of the learning process. Luckily MU still managed to grab a draw from the game, otherwise Phil would have found himself at the end of the famous “hairdryer” treatment from Sir Alex.

I am certainly glad to see the sub-lime Berbatov getting on the score sheet and Darren Fletcher too. I have never been a fan of Berbatov, despite being the first person to score five goals in a game. Whilst he can be tricky as a forward, he is too languid in his approach for me. He reminds me of Miroslav Mecir, the former tennis player from Czechoslovakia, who had a cat-like movement on the tennis court. He frustrated many tennis players with his slow movement that Swedish players were said to dislike playing against him.

He used to make me want to go to sleep when watching him play. But despite his sedate play, he won so many tournaments and reached number 4 on the ATP ranking in 1988. He also won the gold medal at the 1988 Olympics. 

Berbatov is a bit like Mecir, slow but deadly. It actually came as a surprise when someone put out his statistics during games, where he was found to cover more space than anyone else. Talk about slow!!!

So, well done MU and Berbatov for the hard-fought draw. Of course it would have been better to have won, and qualify to the knock-out stage of the championship, but I am pretty confident that they will make it. Don’t ever under-estimate MU and the indefatigable Sir Alex Ferguson! He will know what to do to make sure MU will be there at the closing stage, though I seriously doubt this team has enough quality to win the championship.

It’s Getting really hot – NST, 23rd November 2011

PRESSURE: Hiddink claims he’s welcome at Chelsea and puts the heat on Vilas-Boas

It looks like another manager is on the way out of Chelsea Football Club, after the 2-1 home defeat to Liverpool (who???). I pity the manager of Chelsea, Senhor ou Andre Villas-Boas, the young 34 year old from Portugal who had a great stint at Porto.

Let’s face it, Roman Abramovich, despite making his money in the Russian oil fields, and having bought Chelsea in June 2003, he still knows nuts about football clubs. How many managers does MU have over the last 25 years? One! How many managers have Chelsea had since Mr Abramovich bought Chelsea. Eight!!!! In eight years!!!

How many trophies had Chelsea won in that time? Definitely nowhere near the 27 that MU had over the last 25 years!!

When is this guy ever going to learn? Just like business, you can’t expect overnight success with football. No doubt the amiable Carlo Ancolletti won a few trophies in his first year. So did the “Special One” Mourinho. Then what did Roman do to them? Sacked them. In the case of Signore Ancelotti, after just 2 seasons!!!

Football clubs, like businesses are for the long haul. In fact football is business, nowadays. You do not build great companies in one or two years. You build them over many years, like MU. Any good entrepreneur would know that.

This is the problem with some of these Russian oil magnates. Business was too easy for them. Just bribe a few Russian politicians, get the license to run the oil fields, and you become a billionaire in just a few years! As long as you keep bribing, and as long as oil price stays high, you are set for life! Again, all together now, “No business sense!!!”

Yes, Chelsea lost 2-1 to Liverpool. What’s the big deal?? Liverpool is a team that can beat the best in the EPL one day and lose to the bottom team the next day! And it is managed by a Scotsman who thinks he has the same footballing brain as Sir Alex. The only similarity between Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex is that both are Scotsmen. That’s all!!!!

Senhor ou Villas-Boas may be 34, but he is a damned good manager. I know I am not fond of young managers, but this guy know how to manage and inspire a team. And it is not easy inspiring a team full of divas, like John “I like screwing my best friend’s wife” Terry and Didier “I love diving” Drogba!! And as for Torres, over-rated!!!

So, Gospodin Abramovich, don’t be “Тупой” (pronounced tupoy, which means stupid in Russian), and let the Senhor ou Villas-Boas do his job. Give him 3 years, at least.

And to Meneer Guus Hiddink, we know that you are a friend of Gospodin Abramovich and a good manager yourself, but leave the young man alone, instead of putting pressure on him.

One Sorry Devil – Star, 2nd December 2011

Nine League Cup losses to lowly clubs since Sir Alex has been in charge of MU. Amazing!!

In the 25 years that he has been in charge, Sir Alex has won so many trophies, yet his record in the League Cup can only be described as abysmal. Sure, he once gave very little regard for the League Cup, but that seems to have changed in the last few years.

So what happened on Wednesday night?

It wasn’t a second string team being put on full display in Old Trafford, but a team with eight current and ex-internationals!

Of course it did not help that Berbatov and the Da Silva twins had to be replaced after suffering first-half injuries, but to lose against the 12th placed team in the second tier of the league is just unforgiveable.

What’s worse is the fact that the noisy neighbours, Manchester City (who beat Arsenal 1-0) and the Reds, Liverpool (who beat Chelsea 2-0) made it to the semi-finals.

Come on, Sir Alex, surely there’s something not quite right with your tactics and selections?

For someone who has the ability to inspire even the dead, I find it surprising that he has not managed to instill the fear of losing whenever MU is playing in the League Cup. Why? I honestly don’t know. It’s almost like they just don’t have the luck when it comes to the League Cup, though they did win the League Cup four times during Sir Alex’s reign. But they seem to falter every time they meet a team from the lower division.

Not enough respect given to the teams in the lower leagues perhaps? Mind boggling, isn’t it?

So, I am not surprised that Sir Alex has apologized profusely to the fans for the defeat. Let’s hope that it is the last apology that he has to give in the current season.  

Basel 2 Manchester United 1 – 8th December 2011

MU is out of the Champions League!

“We pay the penalty”, says Sir Alex Ferguson.

You are damned right Sir Alex! When you need to win the last game of the group to advance, you are asking for trouble. Let’s face it, MU have been abysmal this year in the Champions League.

As Sir Alex would have known, you can’t leave it to the last group game to advance, not in the Champions League anyway. The EPL is different. You have a whole nine months to win the league, but not in the Champions League. Whilst the EPL is won over 38 games, the Champions League needs to be won over 10 Games. In the last ten years, MU has only failed to advance to the knock-out stage twice.

What’s worse, the Captain, Vidic, may be out for some time due to the injury that he suffered during the game. Vidic is probably one of the best defenders in the world, and his return after injury has given the defence much needed boost. And now this!

We have seen a slew of young players who have been billed as the new breed of Ferguson’s Babes, but have they really impressed. Maybe, but not enough to win games. At the end of the day, it is still the wining mentality, that MU is known for, that need to be seen in this new breed of players. Talent alone is not enough!

MU is now out of two championships, the Carling Cup and the Champions League, though now they have the Europa Cup (the second tier of European championship) to fight for, the only trophy not won by Sir Alex. It is highly doubtful that Sir Alex is looking forward to the Europa Cup. It is not something that football managers clamour for, except to those that have not had Champions League experience!

The only saving grace for MU fans is that the “noisy neighbours” also failed to advance to the next stage.

And to Arsenal and Chelsea, who have advanced, hopefully they can show some talent to bring the Champions League trophy back to England.

Fulham 0 Manchester United 5 – 22nd December 2011

Well, so much for the demise of Manchester United after their exit from the Champions League!

Well done, MU!

Finally they are back to their scoring form. And at an away venue, to boot! It is nice to see a combination of veterans in Giggs and Berbatov, and the young pretenders, Nani and Welbeck, plus Rooney scoring. It was also Berbatov’s 50th goal for United. Well done Berba!

I am quite sure the noisy neighbours are watching and shaking in their boots now!

You can never underestimate MU, especially when Ferguson is still in charge. He is going to be 70 in just over a week, and yet, just look at him enjoying the spectacle of MU walking all over Fulham!

The team definitely needs the victory and the large number of goals to get back the confidence after the exit from Europe. Everyone was expecting a 1-0 victory, and MU certainly showed that they have not lost the scoring touch. Rooney as expected has got back his scoring “mojo”, and Giggs ensured that he has scored in every year for the team in the last 22 years that he has been there!

And only a few months ago, everyone had pilloried him for his sexual indiscretions with his sister-in-law! Well, men will be men, especially EPL footballers! Haven’t we forgotten about John “I like screwing my best friend’s wife” Terry, and Rooney has been caught a number of times, including for having sex with a prostitute old enough to be his grandmother!

That’s Rooney for you. Great with the feet, but bad with the dick!

Now let’s show Wigan on Boxing Day that they should just stay at home and enjoy the Christmas turkey instead of making their way to Old Trafford! 

Anarchy in the UK? – 24th December 2011

Nope, the National Front has not taken over the government of Britain.

But it certainly looks that way in the EPL. One footballer banned 8 matches by the FA for making racist remarks, and one being charged in court for the same offence. Why the different treatment? No one knows!

And then you have two managers who are not only fully behind the players but taking the fight to a ridiculous level, especially the one by Kenny Dalglish!

Luiz Suarez isn’t exactly an angel of a footballer. Everyone remembers how he used his hand to stop the ball from going in during the World Cup 2010, and then mocked the African player that missed the ensuing penalty! You call that sportsmanship?

As for John “I love screwing the wife of my best friend” Terry, well, what can you say? Dropped from the England captaincy for his sexual indiscretion, and now accused for making racial remarks to the brother of his England team mate!

Hey, guys, just admit what happened and say “Sorry” and pledge to help fight against racism in football. After all, everyone knows that neither of the players is really a racist. In a high tension football match, anything can happen, and anything can be said without much thought. That’s a fact, not just in football but almost in every contact sport. And athletes aren’t exactly people with great brains!

“American professional athletes are bilingual; they speak English and profanity.” - Gordie Howe

But what is shocking is the way Dalglish has gone to defend Suarez! Even to the extent of making every Liverpool player wear a training kit with “Suarez” emblazoned at the back. Hmmm, Dalglish is a former footballer! A footballing genius and possibly managerial too, but lack the sophisticated thinking skills that are required in today’s sporting environment! What do you expect to get out of this? People are going to flock to Anfield more and increase the volume of the racist chants that you hear in every football match?

Just apologize!

Berba-llistic Show – 27th December 2011

Yes, that was certainly a terrific performance by MU, despite being “helped” by the sending off of Wigan striker, Conor Sommon. No doubt many would feel that the sending off was rather harsh, and TV replays certainly showed that. It was no doubt a “Yellow Card” offence, but to be sent off was rather unfortunate and grossly unfair. But then, that has been the theme this year with the referees in the EPL!

The calls for “goal-line” technology and instant replays have been getting louder and louder. Whether we like it or not, referees are only human, and human beings can only do so much, especially in such a fast game. The world has seen too many mistakes in football matches, and these matches are not in some third world football venues, but at the World Cup and at highly followed leagues venues!

Anyway, back to the game, Wigan certainly wasn’t in the same league as MU. Even without the help of an extra man, MU would still win comfortably. In the first half, they ran ragged the Wigan defence, especially by Park Ji Sung, Valencia and Giggs. Hernandez was rather subdued, and Berbatov clearly showed that being on the bench for the most part of the first half of the season has not blunted his killer instinct. In fact he could have scored another 3 or 4 goals with his smart runs into the penalty area. And the performance is without Rooney in the first half!

No doubt Wigan aren’t exactly first rate opponent, with them third from the bottom of the league standing. But only a week earlier, they held Liverpool to a 0-0 draw. Yes, Liverpool simply does not know how to play against lower teams, but to the Liverpool fans out there, to win the league, you need to beat everyone, not just the top teams! But then that’s Liverpool for you, still living in past glories!

Now, we don’t want to speak to early, but if MU can continue performing like this, it would not be surprising to see them beating Manchester City to the title, especially when they are both now even on points, with Manchester City being on top by virtue of goal difference.

So, Manchester City, You WATCH OUT, you better not cry, cause MU is coming to town!

A Tribute to RYAN GIGGS – 5th December 2014

What can you say about the man?

The most successful player in the English Premier League, with 13 Premier League winner's medals, four FA Cup winner's medals, three League Cup winner's medals and two Champions League winner's medals. He has two runner-up medals from the Champions League, three FA Cup finals and two League Cup finals, as well as being part of the team five times when it finished second in the Premier League.

Yet he has not featured in even one FIFA World Cup Finals!

A footballing genius, without a doubt. But due to his unfortunate birth in Wales, he never got the chance to perform at the world’s biggest footballing stage. Imagine if Pele had been born in Malaysia. He would never have won the World Cup three times, despite being the great footballer that he was.

I had watched him play since his debut, in the 1990-1991 season. Always mesmerizing. Let’s face it, in those days not many British footballers can dribble past more than two players! And there he was, a 17 year old kid, running around more established players as if they don’t exist on the pitch!

At the age of forty, he is still playing for Manchester United, the only club he has ever played for. He is also now an assistant coach in David Moyes (the clueless manager!) coaching set-up. He doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon, though he is only fielded sparingly.

So Mr Ryan Giggs, Happy 40th Birthday!


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