Reported by Fathi and Fahizul (the Bosnian) Khairi

Since the two of us are without jobs, we have managed to persuade a local TV station (which shall not be named due to contractual reasons) to report on the prestigious tournament. Who better to report the happenings than the two of us, since we are long-time members of the club and we know every blade of grass on the East Course of KLGCC (so we told the TV station). And Fahizul is a very well-known ayam on the course, and there is no one who has put more balls in the many lakes on the East Course than Fahizul, our credentials cannot be argued. And since we are both members, the TV stations don’t have to pay for our tickets. That’s how cheap we are!

Unfortunately despite all that, we could not agree on our terms, and thus you will not see our faces on TV. But we have managed to upload some interesting footages on YouTube. Thank God for YouTube!!

First Day Footages:

You need to tilt your head sideways to watch the above. I need a new cameraman!! And why is he filming Michelle Wie bending down from the back??

Second Day Footages >

Paula rushing to get to the 8th tee after having to rush to the toilet. Must have been the nasi lemak from breakfast..he he. She did birdie the 7th hole though before sprinting to the toilet.

Natalie Gulbis after missing an eagle at the 6th hole

Tournament Report for Day 1 and 2

So on the first day of the tournament, after a hearty breakfast of roti canai and roti telur at the Golfer’s Terrace, and after checking the play list for the day, we decided to make our way to the first tee to wait for Michelle Wie to tee-off at 10.22 am. As we were a bit early, we waited at the putting practice area, and before long, the “overhyped” sensation appeared to practice her putting, using a belly putter. She must be the only woman golfer I have seen with a belly putter, and I have no idea why any golfer with the right mind would use a belly putter anyway, unless you have a big belly and your belly, for some reason, can guide the putter better than your hands. I think, as the belly putter is longer than a driver, most pros probably use it so that when they need to drop a ball, they can use the putter with good advantage, and I was proven right later on the day when I saw Michelle using that to determine the drop spot!!

At 10.22, she finally teed-off with Shin-Jiyai and Ai Miyazato (both former world number 1). And Michele took out her drive and whacked the ball carrying it over the bunker. Shit!! This woman can really hit far, that’s easily 300 yards away, and she was a good 50 yards in front of the other two ladies. But over the first nine holes, I noticed that if you need any further proof that it is not size that matters, just watch Ai Miyazato. She is so small, I can probably lift her up with 1 hand (not that I tried, or I might be charged for trying to molest her), her drives on some holes are not much shorter than Michelle’s.

We followed them for nine holes (we did not continue until the 18th as Fahizul was warned twice by the marshalls for following Michele too closely, that horny bugger!!). After 9 holes, I realized why Michelle is not so great at all. That woman can’t even putt to save her life!!! She did end up with 3 under on the first day (and in 7th place), but what was glaring was the miss putts, one missed eagle putt on the 7th hole (after putting it on with 2 strokes and only 6 feet away) and one three putt from 25 feet on the 3rd hole. On the 7th hole she only drove with what looked like a 5 wood, and used the same club to hit the second shot to put it on. The other two ladies got 3 on, and both who were further way made their birdies. What’s worse, Shin Jiyai was actually three on and behind her, and she nailed it in!!! Obviously she has not heard of the phrases “No pinis!!!” and “Drive for show, putt for dough”. We were so frustrated watching her putt, that we decided after nine holes (plus the warnings for Fahizul), we have had enough. The good thing, she did better in the second nine (Maybe because Fahizul wasn’t stalking her anymore!)

After our frustrations of watching Michelle with her putting on the first day, we decided to instead watch the glamour girl of golf, Natalie Gulbis, play instead. She was supposed to tee off at 9.06 am with Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel. But as my reporting partner was late (as usual!!), we did not see them tee-off from the first tee. So we cut across the East Course and caught up with them on the 7th hole, after again watching Michelle Wie tee-off from the first tee. And it was definitely a lot more fun watching these three ladies fighting it out. Not only were they nice to look at (now I understand why Natalie Gulbis likes to pose in bikinis!!), but their games are a lot more interesting. No booming drives, but beautiful iron play and putting. And we definitely got better view as there were less people following them than those following Michelle Wie.

I must say that watching these ladies is a lot more interesting than watching the men play either at the Malaysian Open or the CIMB Aviva. No matter how much money you offer for the men’s tournaments, you will never get to see so many of the best players in the world in Kuala Lumpur. Let’s face it, Malaysia is just not a golfing destination for the men’s pro. There are more than enough tournaments on the US pro circuit, and therefore no compelling reason for them to fly half way around the world to play in such humid conditions. So Sime Darby definitely did the right thing by concentrating on the LPGA. The only thing I don’t understand is why do they allow the ladies to play on “preferred lie” when there has been no rain and the course is as dry as it can be! It would have been more interesting to see these ladies handled the divots and undulating terrain if they play without preferred lie. 

1st Day

Michelle Wie practicing putting

Michelle Wie on the 2nd hole green


Michelle Wie about to tee-off from the 3rd tee box











Shin Jiyai practicing putting











Yani Tseng practicing putting

2nd Day

Kang Jimin (the defending champion) at the practice green

Natalie Gulbis walking towards the 8th tee

Natalie Gulbis waiting to hit her 2nd shot onto the 8th green



Paula Creamer’s hand (I swear!!)


Day 4

After skipping the 3rd day to rest our feet and eyes (he he), we decided to continue our reporting on the final day. After all, the fight at the top is definitely getting very exciting with Yani Tseng and Pak Seri lurking in 4th place at 8 under and only 4 strokes from the leader Na Yeon Choi (the 4th ranked player and another big proof that it is not size that matters) at 12 under. She was followed closely by Brittany Lang at 11 under and Azahara Munoz (whom Fahizul claims to be his girlfriend, although apparently she’s dating Adam Scott) at 10 under.

We saw the leaders tee off from the first tee, and since Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer and Suzann Pettersen were about to reach the 2nd green, we decided to cut across the course and see how they handle the water in front of the 2nd green. And Michelle Wie showed, for the umpteen times, why she is an overhyped sensation. First she whacked her drive to the left into the trees. I don’t know what happened in there but she ended up 3 back onto the fairway about 100 metres from the pin. And what did she do? What Fahizul normally does, put her 4th shot into the water to join the many balls that Fahizul has put in there!! And she ended with what normally Fahizul would do on the hole, a quadruple bogey 8!!! What a disappointment!!! It wasn’t a surprise that she ended up joint 18th at the end of the day.

Even though in the next flight Yani Tseng put her second shot into the water, she did put her 4th shot about 15 inches from the hole and saved a bogey. Now I know why she is the world number 1 ranked player!!! In the end, despite equaling the course record of 65 on the last day, she just could not beat Na Yeon Choi and ended in 2nd place at 14 under, with Na Yeon Choi winning at 15 under for her first LPGA victory and thus surpassing the USD1 million mark in earnings. I have to say she thoroughly deserve it. Congratulations!!!

So folks, I hope you have enjoyed the Sime Darby LPGA 2011, and our reporting and pictures below. Unfortunately I have to apologize for the low quality of the pictures on the 2nd day, as my digital camera fell and stopped working, and I have to use my handphone camera. On the final day, I switch to the camera on my other phone and the photos seem to turn out better.

Azahara Munoz at the practice green

Azahara Munoz walking towards the 2nd green

Brittany Lang at the practice green

Brittany Lang and Azahara Munoz after teeing off from the 3rd tee box

Michelle Wie sprinting to the 2nd green after taking 6 strokes to get on

That’s the face of someone who just got a quadruple bogey 8

Still smarting from the triple bogey, despite Fahizul trying to console her by offering her a banana!!!

Paula Creamer in her customary pink outfit on the final day

Paula Creamer after teeing off from the 3rd tee box

Where can I get that pink shoe??

Stacy Lewis walking to the 1st tee box

Suzann Petersenn did not seem too happy with her putting

Yani Tseng walking towards the 2nd tee, still happy despite putting her 2nd shot into the water

Na Yeon Choi at the practice green

Anna Nordqvist walking away from the 9th green

Dewi Claire Schreefel from the Netherlands. Must have an Indon mother to have that name!

Natalie Gulbis walking away from the 9th green

Our roving cameraman, Fahizul, trying to get a close up of Pak Seri

Some of the footages (for the final day) that have been uploaded to YouTube, since the (unnamed) TV station had refused to hire us.

The video below showing our roving cameraman trying to take shots of the leading flight of Na Yeon Choi, Azahara Munoz and Brittany Lang.


LPGA Tour Guide


2011 LPGA Tour Money List

Rolex World Rankings

Some of the players on tour

Yani Tseng (Rank1)

Suzann Pettersen (2)

Cristie Kerr (3)

Na Yeon Choi (4)


Shin Jiyai (5)


Ai Miyazato (7)

Brittany Lincicome (8)

Paula Creamer (9)

Stacy Lewis (10)

Morgan Pressel (13)

Michelle Wie (14)

Natalie Gulbis (119)

·         Rolex Ranking as at 10th October 2011



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